Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wiggle Tri Challenge and British Triathlon Youth Girls European Qualifier Race Report

The British Triathlon Youth and Junior Relay Qualifier was held at Dorney Lake Eton on Sunday 26th  May. This event always starts with a Scootathlon which always brings a smile to everyone and a great way to start the days racing. Luckily the sun was out early in the morning and shined throughout the day.
The Scootathlon had over 30 children competing their scoot, bike and run following a lead Frog Bike around Dorney Lake. 

The British Triathlon Youth and Junior Relay Qualifier race had some of the UK’s best 15-17 year old boys and girls all racing with the same aim: to qualify for the European Youth Relays. The first race was the boys, resulting in Miles Burton first with a time of 30 minutes and 35 seconds who just piped Kieran Lindars and Jimmy Kershaw into second and third.
Then it was time for my race, it was the first triathlon of the British Super Sprint Youth Series this year which is always exciting as nobody knows each others form. It is the most important races of this years calendar as it’s the qualifier for the European Relays in Holland which for my age is the only international event you can do.  Going in to the race I knew there were around 10 girls on the day that could be in with a chance of qualifying but only 3 get to race and 1 reserve. The race was a 400m square swim then out onto a 10km bike which was 2 laps of a 5km flat circuit.  Finally to finish an out and back 2.5km runs.
In the swim I had a good start as I quickly got some clear water to get my rhythm going when we came to the 1st buoy of 3 it all got a bit rough. I exited the water in 8th place in a time of 5.26 which isn’t one of my finest times but I was up in the top field.  Transition went to plan not as fast as I wanted but with an excellent hop on the bike I was in 3rd and in the lead group for the bike.
It was cycling time the bike course was made up of two laps of a flat circuit. At first it was hard to get the group to work together but with a few words they started to work with me. After 3/4 of the lap I was at the front of the group going through a small chicane on the circuit, I didn’t realise that there had been a crash in our group. Two girls were off and out the race. Now all that was left was me and two other girls, we worked well together but a group of 6 caught us with half a lap to go. This was soon followed by another crash of two more girls who were then out the race, this left 5 of us. I lead into transition and fortunately with a quick transition I was out with just one other girl.
The run went off fast and I tried to keep the pace up but couldn’t hold the leader and a 15m gap developed that never got smaller or bigger for the whole run. I was running strong but I had an idea that the runner behind was closing down on me. Bronwen Owen, a national runner was catching me with every stride. With only 400m of the run left I fought hard to hold my position but as I was passed I picked up my pace to hold onto Bronwen’s tail. I finally finished the race in third position. The winning girl was Grace Cook in a time of 34 mins 28 seconds with Bronwen Owen coming second and myself, Megan McDonald finishing third.
This means European Qualification allowing me to race in Holland on the 27th June for Great Britain YAY!!!!!
Next race is Blenheim palace my favourite course.
Megan McDonald

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