Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jaguar Academy Of Sport Talent Day

On Monday the 2nd August I went to the Ricoh Arena for second talent day at Jaguar Academy of Sport. This day was about Competition Simulation were we took part in workshops for Nutrition, Psychology and UKAD 100% me anti-doping education. 

In the first work shop we were placed with our teams and the topic we were learning about was mind training for sport and competition. We went over our race preparation in our weakest and peak performances of the year. Our parents covered the same topic and my mum and I did choose the same best and worst performances and managed to write similar results. I learnt that a confident athlete bounces back from setbacks, even though you can’t control everything that happens to you, you can always control your attitude and how you choose to respond. We also looked at a study where they looked at the brains activity whilst you’re having a physical practice and mental practice; these results were very nearly the same. This shows that practicing something in your mind can be the same or better than doing it in real life. The one big thing I learnt from this work shop was that when you have a setback, that makes you have negative thoughts, you should delete these thoughts and replace them with positive ones, as positive thoughts will make your body perform better and stronger. 


The next work shop was from UKAD 100% me anti-doping education. This was one of the most helpful workshops that I have ever listened to, as many people don’t get the chance to go through the process of drug testing before they are tested at a competition. 100% me went through the whole process with us and talked about medication and supplements that are legal and illegal. The main point of this work shop that I took away with me was the website which will help me make sure I stay clean. So take a look at:

                     Don’t assume just Check 

The next work shop was about nutrition we firstly looked at foods we have before a race and how they would affect our performance, as we are a group of athletes from different sports it was interesting to find how different our pre-competition food was. We also looked at the best recovery to repair the damage we have done to our muscles, looking at milk and protein shakes to get the elements we have lost back into our body. 

After lunch we had a Q & A section with Rio Ferdinand, Jade Jones and Denise Lewis the topic was about how they coped with the pressure, eating and also the drug testing of the sport at a major competition. I found their answers very interesting and informative, always difficult to take in that you are in the same room as GB sporting greats. It was very encouraging to listen to Jade Jones and how she was part of the Jaguar Academy and how quick she has succeeded in her sport, Olympic Gold! We also went outside on to the pitch and had a taster session in their sport, I was alright with the football but the high kicks were a struggle.

I would just like to say thanks to Jaguar academy, Kelly Holmes education, Rio, Jade and Denise and everyone who helped at the Jaguar day. I had a great time and can’t wait for the next day to learn some new things to help me on the road to be a successful triathlete.

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