Wednesday, 9 April 2014

National Duathlon Camps 2014

I’m a Junior!!!

First race of 2014, which means new age group and new distance. My first race of season was the Duathlon Championships which is part of the British Triathlon Super series. This was held at Rockingham Motor Racing Circuit, Corby on the 30th March 2014. The distance I was racing was a 5k run, 20k bike and 2.5k run and the senior ladies were competing in the same race.

 I have been looking forward to the season starting because the winter has been extremely long for me without any type of competition, normally I have the XC season to race but this winter was very different for me as I have been nursing Shin splits. I was introduced to aqua jogging and TRX through the winter to keep me busy. I started running outside on the England Talent squad February half term, about 6 weeks ago and have been building up my mileage slowly. I really didn't know what to expect from the race but really I was hoping to finish with no shin pain.

The race was very well organised and the referees where on top form checking everyone’s wheels entering transition. The race track was great place for the athletes to race and the weather was nice and sunny, great conditions. As I was warming up I realized that there was a top senior field and I knew it was going to be a tough race. 

The first 5k run was a fast pace set by the Elite senior ladies and I soon got carried away with the pace, my time wasn't bad but the splits could have been more even which would possible would have led me to being more comfortable on the bike. The bike always my favorite part of the race and this time being longer should have suited me but after the run it took a couple of laps before my cycling felt good which meant I lost touch of the second group which was the largest in the field so I battled around in a small group of four . My transitions were I thought clean and tidy and I didn't see my number being shown near the sin bin. The second run was a 2.5k run which I found really tough, my lack of running over the winter was starting to show. Overall I was happy with the race, I had started with target to finish with no shin pain and I managed this to my relief. After the race I was soon informed by my sister in Bournemouth that I have been DQ so my Father and I went to the official’s tent to find out why. I had been DQ because I had racked in the wrong place, it looks like I have more work to do on my transition. I must remember not to use my trainers as an indicator of my racking position and to look at the numbers on the racking even if the bar had turned and your number is not visible and always look for the sin bin showing your number.

It felt good to be racing again and I am looking forward to the next race!

Thank you for reading 
Megan McDonald

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