Thursday, 12 June 2014

Blenheim Palace Triathlon

First ever triathlon against the seniors racing at Blenheim palace, a great course and always a great atmosphere, I couldn't wait to race. I have raced at Blenheim for the past 2 years and now I’m in the junior category it was double the distance which meant more hills, pain, sweet and tears all in one.

The race start was at 8:55 and it wasn’t even the first race which meant early night and up at 5am to get ready. The swim at Blenheim is straight with one turn so I decided to go in the middle section so I could swim as straight as possible. The race soon came and I was on the start line. I had a quick start to get clear water and was soon in a little group but then I noticed athletes to the side of me edging in front so I moved quickly over to draft of a couple of athletes. It was all very tight in the leading group and with athletes either side matching stroke for stroke I did feel like I was in a synergizing competition. With a strong swim which felt definitely longer then the 750m. I exited the water around 6th but 3rd Junior. Leaving the lake athletes had a run up to T1 of around 2 to 3 minutes which can change the course and position of your race quite quickly.

Out of T1 and on to the bikes I was around 10s down from the leading pack of 6 but they soon got working well as a group and I couldn't catch them. With the hilly run out of the swim and trying so hard to catch the leaders my legs were dead which meant a hard bike. I now Know I need to work on my power and strength so next time I can bridge the gap to get in that front pack.  After 19.8Km of hard cycling it was time to run. 

Heading out onto the run I had no idea were I was because of the mixed field of juniors and seniors but I just needed to have a solid run with good technique. I had an evenly paced run and my technique was better from previous races but still room for improvement. In the end I finished 6th junior which is ok but I was aiming for top 5.  I now know what went well and the areas I need to work on in the next 6 weeks till Geneva European Cup Race. I think these junior years of racing are sure to be my hardest with the added distance and for me the personal development changes I am having, I just need to be patient and sensibly and hopefully if training goes well there will be a big improvement. 

Thanks to Huub design for the great wetsuit and together with the great coaching of  Graham Nash which both helped me gain a great swim position for the best swim of the this season. Thanks to the Bike Yard for preparing my giant bike ready for the race and great encouragement from the team there.


Megan McDonald

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