Friday, 29 May 2015

Mallory Park Women's Cat 2/3/4 Cycle race

On Thursday 28th of May, I raced my first senior cycle race. Due to injury I am unable to run and compete in triathlon at the moment so I decided to keep myself in racing mode, and compete in cycle race something I have been keen to do. Firstly I sent away for my British cycling licence.

I have raced at Mallory before competing in triathlon I have to say that it was nice to know I wasn’t going in the horrible muddy lake in the middle. The race was 30 minutes continuing cycling then another 3 laps after that, a nice short race for my first one. I was a little nervous going into the race as I didn't know what to expect but my plan was to sit and see how it goes.

On the first lap I tried to stay top 6 to cover all eventualities, it was soon clear no one wanted to lead out the race. The race track was open and windy and the more experience riders and sprinters seem happy to let the pace drop. Triathlon being different tactically you all work together so chasing packs don’t catch or to catch a pack. For me though I didn’t want a tempo ride with a sprint at the end. So I decided to hit the front on the end of first lap and pick the pace up on the hill. That was my first mistake as then none of the ladies wanted to come through and I spent most of the race at the front. With 3 laps to go I decided to try and make a breakaway out of the chicane in the course I managed a 15m gap but it was closed down by the race winner. With 2 laps to go the pace slowed with some attacks happening but no one got away. In the final lap there were 12 of us sprinting to win. Round the last corner I didn’t place myself very well being 8th in line, second mistake. The sprint started and I tried my hardest to come past, in the end I finished 6th.

I will hopefully learn from my mistakes which I will change for next time. The next race at Mallory is on the 11th of June which I am hoping to improve on my position.

My next triathlon hopefully will be Blenheim Palace on Sunday 14th of June, if I am back running in the next couple of days. I am doing everything I can to get over this injury and hope to be back on the triathlon circuit soon.

Thanks for reading

Megan McDonald

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