Tuesday, 4 July 2017

FGP Dunkque 2017

This year I decided to race in the French Grand Prix series. It’s a team event and includes a strong field of 80 athletes from juniors to world class triathletes. There are five athletes in a team with four races throughout the summer. Dunkque was the first race which was made up of a very strong field, including a few Olympians. This year I am racing with the team Tri Saint Amand Dun 18.

The start line position was chosen by us as a team, but as the newbie I took advice from the other members on where we should go. So that we had some clear water to swim through the team decided we would start on the left. However, at the first buoy we were slightly down and arrived to a brutal turn with lots of dunking and pushing, this meant vital seconds were lost. I came out of the water half way down the field. 

Transition went smoothly, as I jumped on my bike I could see the back of the front pack. I worked very hard, but I couldn't catch the front pack and was left in a group of 15 athletes to work with on the bike. During the bike section of a triathlon some athletes will work and take their turn at the front, whereas others will sit in and draft. This group seemed contented in letting myself and a few others do all the work. The leading group managed to secure a 2 minute advantage on the bike. 

My run technique was better than previously, this is something I’ve been working on, but the second half of my run was slightly slower. Despite this I was satisfied with my run performance overall after such a tough bike section. 

After any type of race there is always something you need to work on, so I’m back to Loughborough for a good couple of training weeks.

 I would like to thank Liv UK for their continued support. Huub Design for the insanely fast wetsuit. Finally, my new sponsor Citizen Machinery UK.


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