1st       Mallory Park Duathlon
22nd    Lovelo Cycle Race CAT 2,3,4
24th    Portugal European Junior Triathlon Cup
6th      Llanelli Triathlon

27th    Banbury Star RR Tour Team Series
16th   Holten European Cup
3rd     Eton Dorney Triathlon 

17th     Quarteira Triathlon Junior European Cup
Injury causes me to be out for the rest of the season

7th      European Junior Triathlon France
5th      Blenheim Palace Triathlon
12th    Jenson Button Triathlon
1st       London Triathlon
6th       National Triathlon Junior Champs in Liverpool
3rd       European Junior Triathlon Nottingham

DQ but 15th    European Junior Triathlon France
3rd         Eton Dorney European Relay Qualifier
3rd         Blenheim Palace Triathlon 
3rd         Eton Dorney Triathlon
*3rd        European Triathlon Relay in Holland
*1st        National Triathlon Champs in Liverpool
18th        European Cup Hungary Under 19
20th        European Cup Eton Dorney Under 19

3rd          British Super Series Youth Girl


2nd        Cofton Park Warwickshire Schools Cross Country Qualifier
1st         Under 14 West Midlands Cross Country Series Champion 2011-2012
1st         South West Duathlon Championship
52 nd     National Cross County Championship under 15
48 th      National School Cross Country Under 16
2nd        National Duathlon Championships
1st         Mallory Park Triathlon
2nd        National Aquathlon Championships
*1st       British Youth Triathlon Champion
*2nd      European Youth Triathlon Qualifier
2nd        National Inter-County Triathlon     
*3rd      European Youth Triathlon Relays     
3rd        Youth Super series Youth Girl
1st         Virgin London Triathlon

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